We Review The Rachael Ray Three Piece Non Stick Cookie Sheet Set

Rachael Ray Cookie Sheets Set

Having the right cookie sheet can make a big difference when you are baking. Is the Rachael Ray three piece set a good value?

Baking cookies means having a good set of cookie sheets, and one of the most popular sets is the Rachael Ray three piece non-stick cookie sheet set with grips.  Rachael Ray seems to be on cooking shows everywhere and she has a line of cooking and baking products that seems to stand up well to use in most home kitchens.  Before you purchase a new set of cookie sheets you should read this review on the set from Rachael Ray.

Cookie Sheets That Get The Job Done!

Nothing can ruin a batch of cookies more than lousy cookie sheets.  You may have used the best ingredients and followed your recipe to the T, only to have your cookies stick or back badly on old, warped cookie sheets.  Good baking sheets will be designed to evenly distribute heat all over the sheet, even at high temperatures.  They also will release the cookie, meaning that you can grab your trusty spatula and safely remove the cookie without having it break or crumble.  That’s why we like this set of cookie sheets, they perform just the way you want them to.

Rachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Pan Set, 3-Piece, Gray with Agave Blue Grips

Benefits Of The Rachael Ray Three Piece Set Of Cookie Sheets

  •  Easy food release. These sheets have a great non-stick surface treatment that works well, even at high temperatures.  Clean up is a breeze, the non-stick surface releases even the stickiest of cookies.
  •  Heavy duty materials.  Having a cookie sheet warp can ruin any baking adventure.  These sheets are made from durable heavy duty steel and can handle even the highest of temperatures.
  • Silicone grips.  Convenient silicone grips on each sheet help you get a good grasp when you are removing a hot sheet from your oven.
Rachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Pan Set, 3-Piece, Gray with Agave Blue Grips

Cons Of These Sheets

  •  Only one size of each pan.  While the sizes of the sheets in this set are practical, you do only get one piece of each size.
  •  Silicone grips can discolor.  At really high temperatures the silicone grips have been reported to discolor or loosen.

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Baking at home is much easier if you have the right equipment.  Good quality baking sheets will pay for themselves over time and will help you create and bake some wonderful treats for your entire family.  This set of sheets from Rachael Ray isn’t the cheapest set you can find but it is one of the best sets available.  They do everything that you expect from a good baking tool, they will last for a very long time and they are very easy to use and clean.  You really can’t go wrong with these cookies sheets.

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