Want To Know About Sugar Cookies?

Baking Sugar Cookies

Have you ever eaten sugar cookies, donuts or other sweet treats? They are my favorite kind of dessert and I eat them every single day! These recipes always leave me with a sweet tooth and often make me hungry soon after I finish a large bite. Baking cookies at home is usually my first option for making a dessert in the late evening when I have little free time and energy to cook.

Let’s Bake Sugar Cookies

What are some of the things you should know when making sugar cookies? The ingredients you need for this delicious sweet treat are the same as for any recipe-but the ingredients you need to make them are slightly different for this special dessert. For a thick, rich flavor, you’ll need to add butter and shortening; for a coarser, moist flavor, you’ll need a shortening or lard. If you add sugar, it’ll need to be gradually added to the ingredients don’t dissolve into a paste.

How To Bake Sugar Cookies

For a light and airy flavor, use brown sugar or powdered sugar instead of white sugar. If your cookies come out too dense or go too dark, add a little vanilla extract. For a slightly sweet flavor, use a small amount of brown sugar or honey and not enough vanilla extract; in place of sugar, use two tablespoons of brown sugar and about three to four tablespoons of vanilla extract.

Don’t Confuse Shortbread Cookies With Sugar Cookies

Many people confuse sugar cookies with shortbread cookies.  While both start out with three common ingredients, sugar cookies have a few additions that make them very different when done baking.  Sugar cookies use eggs and baking powder, while shortbread cookies don’t.  This means that a sugar cookie will be chewier, and it will rise a bit in the middle.  Shortbread cookies are dense, they don’t rise at all.

Sugar cookies are perfect plain, but they are also the perfect cookie for decoration.  Christmas cookies quite often start out as sugar cookies, then are cut into shapes and then frosted.  Adding icing, sprinkle or candies to sugar cookies are simple and easy ways to dress up your cookie.  Kids love decorating these cookies.  They are a flat surface to work with and you can’t really make a mistake.

So grab your mixer and cookie sheet, pull out the necessary ingredients and make some sugar cookies!

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