Some Tips On Kitchen Utensils

A kitchen utensil is simply a small hand held device generally used for food preparation. There are many different utensils designed for every task related to kitchen work. An example of a kitchen utensil would be a spatula, a frying pan, a kitchen strainer, a ladle or a blender. Each of these kitchen utensils has its own specific use, although most of them are used interchangeably with each other.  A good baker knows that an efficient kitchen will have the proper kitchen utensils.

Our Friend The Spatula

A spatula is one of the most common kitchen utensils. It is often used to spread batter into pans, and is especially useful when mixing sauces and cold soups. The ceramic material that it is made from is capable of withstanding high temperatures, which explains why spatulas are always made of the same material. Usually, they are made from either steel or aluminum, although nowadays a lot of chefs prefer to use the cast iron ones simply because they are cheaper and easier to clean.  If you are baking cookies, you will want to have a few silicone spatulas on hand.  You can never have too many.

Silicone Kitchen Spatulas

A frying pan, on the other hand, was originally made from iron. Today it is made from either copper or stainless steel, but the traditional material still remains the same-iron. The reason for this is that frying pans are not only highly useful in the kitchen, but also considered to be a symbol of authority in some families, because traditionally, the father would hold the frying pan while the mother placed the eggs on it; frying pans were therefore highly prized kitchen utensils during the early 19th century.

Frying pans are no longer solely symbols of kitchen utensils, however. In fact, spoons have undergone a lot of transformation in terms of design and function. For instance, a fork has become a universal tool instead of just a kitchen utensil. They can be found in schools, offices, restaurants, homes, and even in many businesses and houses fork spoons are no longer meant to be decorative, but rather as efficient food preparation tools. Frying spoons are no longer made from hard metals but are now made from plastic, glass, or ceramic materials.

Measuring Cups Are Important Kitchen Utensils

Another kitchen utensil that underwent a lot of transformations is the measuring cup. Originally, measuring cups were simple cups without any measure features. However, with the advent of mass production, these cups were transformed into devices that could measure measurements, such as ounces, grams, and pounds. Measuring cups can be found in every kitchen, from the tiniest apartment to the largest house. However, even though they may not have a lot of value in terms of kitchen utensils, they are still very useful.

The last kitchen utensil we will talk about in this article is the slotted spoon. The slotted spoon is one of the most ancient kitchen utensils ever invented. The first one was invented around the same time as the measuring cup, though its purpose was somewhat different. Because it had to be kept on one hand, it was designed with the help of both hands so that the chef would not accidentally drop the measuring cup, the spoon, or the other utensil. This is why this kitchen tool is still popular to this day.

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