Should You Use Margarine For Baking?

Can You Use Margarine To Bake

Many bakers wonder if they can use margarine for baking instead of using butter. While some high quality spreads might work, butter is still king.  Some oleos are loaded with trans-fats while others don’t taste like butter.  However, using a good quality oleo can often result in delicious baked goods.

Can You Use Margarine For Baking?

can you use margarine for baking

The question can you use margarine for baking has long puzzled many bakers. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of uses for this product in the kitchen. In fact, the commercial baking industry has even developed special fat blends to suit specific applications. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using margarine in baking. You may be surprised to find out just how many ways there are for baking without butter.

When using margarine, always make sure you use a high quality product. Butter contains enough fat to make baked goods moist and tender. However, margarine contains only about 35% fat and the rest water. This will result in loose batters and doughs that tend to spread out and burn more easily. To avoid this, make sure you purchase a margarine with at least 80% fat. Before making any substitutions, make sure to understand the difference between butter and margarine.

There Can Be A Flavor Difference

You can also use margarine in baking without compromising the flavor of your food. You can use butter-like margarine in baking recipes. However, be sure to choose margarine that does not contain any trans fats. Margarine is readily available in many stores, and you can also find it in vegetable oil packages. You should be able to find the sticks of margarine in most supermarkets.

It’s important to pay attention to your recipe if you are considering a substitute for butter.  There can be flavor differences (especially if the cookie is butter-based).  Differences also show up in how your cookie will brown and if it will stick to the baking sheets.

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