Reasons You Need A Recipe To Bake Cookies

Baking Cookies

When it is time to bake cookies, we typically think that the process is complex, that it takes a great deal of time. We give up before we get started because we have some false ideas about baking cookies.   The  truth is actually much different.  Baking cookies is simple, fast and, most important, fun.  You can turn out some delicious home made treats in no time and become a hero to your family.

Yep, Recipes Are Important

It is Christmas time and you choose to bake some cookies. You’ve never made them before and think “how hard can it be”?  Without a recipe, it can be horribly hard.  Recipes are not only guidelines to help you bake, they are also shopping lists to help you make sure that you have the right ingredients.  Christmas cookies aren’t any more complicated than other cookies, but without a recipe they can be impossible to make properly.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Contrary to what we normally think, it is not at all hard to bake cookies. The outcome will be delicious cookies that will please the kids … and their moms and dads!  You just need to start out with a few basic kitchen basics.  You need recipes, you need cookie sheets, you need a mixer and you need some kitchen utensils.

We can even make no-bake cookies that are actually simple and quick to prepare!  You might organize the preparation of these cookies with the children. They like to give a hand and to taste those excellent cookies afterwards.  Plus, not using an oven can be a great safety feature.

The guide for all of your cookie baking is going to be your recipe.  As you become more experienced at baking, you may be able to experiment and try different ingredients and different baking styles.  Until that time, you need to use a recipe.  Remember, once you have put the cookies into the oven, your ability to change or add anything to the cookie dough has disappeared.

You Can Use Almost Any Ingredient In Cookies

We can prepare cookie dough with nearly any ingredient. Chocolate comes first to mind, however we can also prepare cookies with granola, with pumpkin, and so on. You may use recipes that were utilized by your grandmother.  It’s amazing how resourceful those bakers were and what ingredients they used when baking cookies.  Plus, using their recipes can trigger some very fond memories of your youth.

Picture taking out the hot cookies that you prepared from the oven. Your kitchen, and possibly your home, smells like it used to when you mother or your grandmother ready cookies. Now picture how the whole family will take pleasure in eating those fantastic cookies that you prepared.  Home baked cookies taste far better than anything that you can buy at the supermarket.

Baking cookies should be fun and the results should be tasty.  Follow the recipes, use the freshest ingredients and you will be turning out cookies like a real pro.

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