Nutrichef Nonstick Cookie Sheets

Nutrichef Deluxe Nonstick Cookie Sheets

Nutrichef has become quite well known for quality kitchen tools, and this three piece cookie sheet set continues that reputation. There are many different materials that can be used to make baking sheets. Aluminum is popular, as is stainless steel. These sheets are made with extremely durable carbon steel, a great conductor of heat as well as a very durable material.

This set includes three cookie sheets of different sizes. The larger sheet, considered full sized, is 17.1″ by 11.8″. Most silicone baking mats are designed to fit this size, it is the most common size for baking sheets. The middle sized sheet is 15.1″ by 10.03″, a size that many bakers call jelly roll pan size. The third sheet, the smallest, is 13.38″ by 8.66″, a great size for small batches of cookies or small sheet cakes.

Cookie Sheets With Silicon Handle Grips

One of the nice features of these sheets are the handy silicone grips. Each sheet has grips on the ends and these grips make it much easier to grab onto the sheet when you are putting the pan into the oven or, more importantly, when you are removing the pan. Wearing bulky oven mitts usually means that you have less grip on the pan, they tend to either slip or bet dropped. Even with the puffiest of oven mitts, the silicone grips help to give you a very good grip on the sheet. No more dropped cookie sheets on the floor!

All three cookie sheets have a very durable non stick coating, allowing for very easy release of cookies when they are done baking. Combining this non stick surface with carbon steel construction gives you a very sturdy sheet, one that won’t warp when exposed to high temperatures for long cooking times. These cookie sheets are considered commercial grade, meaning that they can handle temperatures as high as 445 degrees.

You can put these cookie sheets into the dishwasher for cleaning, but most non stick surfaces stay smooth is you hand wash the sheet. Because of the sturdy construction, you can move these cookie sheets from the oven to the refrigerator, even to the freezer, without warping the pan. They are extremely well made and will be excellent tools when it comes to baking cookies.

A Very Good Value

This is a very good set of cookie sheets and, for the cost, a very good value. You should be able to find these sheets for under $25 for the set. For that price you are getting three cookie sheets of different sizes. They have a durable non stick surface and all have handy silicone grips to help with getting the sheets out of the oven. Storage should be easy, they stack together very nicely and take up the same amount of space as a single cookie sheet. All in all, these sheets work really well and are a very good bargain.

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