Let’s Review The Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheets

Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheets

What should you look for when you are buying a cookie sheet?  Too often, we are distracted by superficial items that don’t have anything to do with the utility of your baking sheet.  Silicone grips on the handles are nice, but if they are on a cheap sheet it doesn’t matter.  Printed circles on a sheet so that you know where to place your cookies is a cute idea, but if you plan to bake cookies on a regular basis, you should know where to place the dough on the baking sheet.  What you really need to look for in a cookie sheet is strength and durability.  Your cookie sheet needs to stand up to hours in a hot oven.  Cheap, flimsy sheets won’t be able to do that and you will find yourself constantly buying new baking sheets.

Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking SheetsNordic Ware has a well deserved reputation for high quality, very durable kitchen tools and utensils.  The two cookie sheets in this set will last you a long time, even if you expose them to very high temperatures for long periods of time.  I have two sets of these sheets.  One is used only for baking cookies, the other set is used for roasting vegetables or meats.  These are really tough baking sheets.

Solid Aluminum Cookie Sheets

The basic function of a cookie sheet is to evenly distribute heat so that the food on the sheet bakes evenly.  Having a hot spot, or a cool spot, on a cookie sheet will mean that one cookie might over bake while another will under bake.  These sheets (they are sold as a two pack) are made from very heavy aluminum, one of the best materials for distributing and handling heat.

The rim on the pan is over 1 1/2″ high and is reinforced.  This rigid construction helps to keep the pans from warping, as well as keeping food from spilling over the side.  The pans are large, measuring over 17″ by 12″.  Most silicone mats will fit very well into these sheets.

Baking With Nordic Ware Baking Sheets

The non-porous shiny finish helps to keep the sheets looking good.  Made in the USA, these Nordic Ware baking sheets are extremely durable and will last for years.  Clean up is easy but you do need to hand wash.  Dishwashers ruin non coated aluminum, but the polished finish on these baking sheets make clean up a snap.

Should You Buy These Cookie Sheets?

Some bakers swear by non stick sheets, others swear by aluminum sheets.  Part of your decision will come down to personal preference.  These sheets by Nordic Ware will cost a bit more, they are usually around $29 for a set.  However, they will last much longer than a lighter weight non stick pan.  Non stick has the benefit of easy clean up and getting food off of them is a snap.  Figure out how much baking you will be doing and if you will be baking or roasting foods other than cookies.  These are exceptional cookie sheets, you can’t go wrong by buying them.

Great Cookie Sheets

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