Cookie Sheet Silicone Mat Set

Cookie Sheet Silicone Mat Set

I became a fan of silicone baking mats a few years ago.  A friend mentioned them to me and said she loved using them.  Her cookies baked evenly on the bottom and they came off of the baking sheet in a snap.  Being a skeptic, I ignored her until I heard the same thing from another friend.  For years, I had been lining my cookie sheets with parchment paper.  It was a pain in the rear to cut and fit the paper, but it worked well.  Taking the plunge, I bought a couple of silicone baking mats and gave them a good try.

Who knew that I would fall in love with them?  What a fabulous invention, they have made cookie baking so much easier.  Silicone baking mats are basic in construction, they are thin flexible mats that are heat resistant and non stick.  Cleaning them is simple, just use soap and warm water.  Cookies release from the mats easily and they are browned evenly.

Cookie Sheet Silicone Mat Set

Cookie Sheet, Silicone Mat And Wire Rack Set

I found this set, by Micro, on Amazon and snapped it up.  Included were two full sizes baking sheets, two silicone baking mats that fit perfectly and two wire cooling racks.  In one set you have all three pieces that you will need to bake and cool your cookies properly.

First, the baking sheets.  Also called cookie sheets, these sheets are 16″ x 11″, with a 1″ rim around the sheet.  They are made from heavy duty stainless steel, meaning that they can handle high temperatures for long periods of time without warping.  The rimmed edge helps keep food from spreading off of the sheet.

The silicone mats are fitted for the pans, meaning that you don’t have to try and make a mat fit a sheet.  Made from a food grade silicone and fiberglass, they can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees for long periods of time.  They aren’t coated with any chemicals, meaning that we won’t have unwanted chemicals leeching into your food.

Silicone Mats For Cookie Baking

There are two racks included in this set and they can serve dual purposes.  They can be used as roasting racks, fitting into the baking sheets easily.  If you are roasting meats or veggies and want to lift them up from the baking sheet, these racks work very well.  The other purpose, more suited for baking cookies, is as a cooling rack.  The racks are the same size as the baking sheet, meaning that it they will hold the same number of cookies that you baked.  Best of all, the racks can be put into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

One Set, Six Pieces

Overall, this set is a very good value.  Buying all six pieces individually, would cost you around $50, this set is usually priced under $40.  Because the pieces were designed to work with each other, you have the ease of everything being the same size.  Quality, always a factor when buying tools for your home kitchen, is excellent.  The baking sheets are very sturdy and well made, as are the wire racks.  The silicone mats are thick but flexible and should last a long time.  This is a very good baking sheet set for bakers of every level of experience.

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