Let’s Bake Cookies

Can You Use Margarine To Bake

Should You Use Margarine For Baking?

Many bakers wonder if they can use margarine for baking instead of using butter. While some high quality spreads might work, butter is still king.  Some oleos are loaded with trans-fats while others don’t taste like butter.  However, using a good quality oleo can often result in delicious baked goods. Can You Use Margarine For […]

Basic Cookie Baking Tips

Some Basic Cookie Baking Tips

Having a few basic cookie baking tips can be a great way to avoid making mistakes in the kitchen. Cookies aren’t hard to make but problems can happen.  Following the recipe and making sure that you have all of the proper baking tools for making cookies will also help ensure success. Basic Cookie Baking Tips […]

Baking Sugar Cookies

Want To Know About Sugar Cookies?

Have you ever eaten sugar cookies, donuts or other sweet treats? They are my favorite kind of dessert and I eat them every single day! These recipes always leave me with a sweet tooth and often make me hungry soon after I finish a large bite. Baking cookies at home is usually my first option […]

Baking Cookies

Smart Cookie Baking Ideas

There is something about baking cookies that make us want to share them with others. Baking cookies is a great way to spend time with friends or family, and not have to worry about dinner. When you sit down at the table to eat a meal, the last thing you want to do is clean […]

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

Every year, bakers all over the world pull out favorite recipes and start baking Christmas cookies.  Christmas cookies are traditionally sweet, thin, cookie cutters cut in different shapes resembling Christmas trees or bells. These cookies are usually eaten by children during the Christmas season and some families buy them to give as gifts to others […]

Baking Cookies

A Few Good Cookie Baking Tips

You may think that baking cookies is as easy as turning a stick, scooping out a little bit of batter and throwing it into a warm oven. But in reality, baking cookies isn’t quite as straightforward as that. There are several ways in which cookies can go horribly wrong, and if baked right, they are […]

Baking Cookies

Reasons You Need A Recipe To Bake Cookies

When it is time to bake cookies, we typically think that the process is complex, that it takes a great deal of time. We give up before we get started because we have some false ideas about baking cookies.   The  truth is actually much different.  Baking cookies is simple, fast and, most important, fun.  You […]