Best Cookie Cookbooks Part One

Baking Cookies

Baking a great cookie always starts with a great recipe.  No matter how talented you are in the kitchen, a good recipe is the key to a successful dish.  Cookies are not the most complicated foods to be baked but they do require a roadmap.  You need to know exactly which ingredients will be needed, how they are to be mixed and how and how long to bake.  You can guess, but you may not like the results.

Cookbooks Only Seem Old Fashioned

Technology has given us new resources for information.  Many of us go online to find a recipe.  Our moms used to ask a neighbor of family member.  It’s the same theory, only it has different delivery options.  You are looking for ideas and you want to be able to find out just how to make something.

That’s where cookbooks come in.  Yes, they may seem old fashioned.  Your mom probably had a few and maybe you have collected some over the years.  No, they aren’t as new and shiny as finding a recipe on your tablet.  However, a well written and well photographed cookbook can be the best way to find new baking ideas, discover how to bake something and then have photos that show you how the dish should look after you are finished.

Baking Cookies

If you enjoy baking cookies, it makes sense to have at least one cookbook dedicated just to cookies.  There are some general cookbooks that have dessert sections, and these sections may have a couple of cookie recipes.  However, being able to look through a wide assortment of cookie recipes at one time is a great way to find new and exciting treats that you want to try.  Here are a few of our favorite cookie cookbooks.

101 Greatest Cookies On The Planet

101 Greatest Cookies On The Planet

If you are going to claim to have recipes for the 101 greatest cookies on the planet, you had better have some outstanding recipes in your book.  Luckily, the bold claim made in the title is true, there are some really good recipes in this cookbook.  Not only are there good recipes for familiar cookies (sugar cookies, snickerdoodles), there are some excellent recipes for cookies using different ingredients.  Looking for a pumpkin cookie?  Got it.  Has someone asked for maple pecan cookies?  It’s in here.  There are also a few recipes for bars and brownies, a real nice addition to the very good cookie recipes.

Great Cookie RecipesThe Perfect Cookie Cookbook

The Perfect Cookie By America’s Test Kitchen

Millions of people have watched cooking shows and YouTube videos done by the crew at America’s Test Kitchen.  They are known for creating and testing recipes of all types of foods, then showing the rest of us how to make it correctly.  They have done the same with this cookie cookbook.  There are almost 450 pages of wonderful recipes, plus how-to sections to help you create fun designs when baking.  The instructions are clear and the photos are beautiful.  You will be sure to find plenty of great cookie ideas in this cookbook.

Great Cookie RecipesTaste Of Home Cookie Cookbook

Taste of Home 365 Days of Cookies

Wow, 365 days of cookies!  I couldn’t name 365 cookies, but this cookbook actually delivers on that number.  This is a fabulous assortment of recipes to be checked out.  Will you like them all?  Probably not, but you will certainly find quite a few that you have never heard of but can’t wait to try.  There is a sense of whimsy with some of the recipes.  You can find options that include potato chips, jelly beans and other non-traditional cookie ingredients.  The photos are very well done and the recipes are well written.  This is a very good cookbook.

Great Cookie Recipes

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