Airbake Natural Cookie Sheets

Airbake Natural Cookie Sheets

Baking sheets haven’t changed much in design in the last 100 years.  They have remained a flat sheet with a rolled rim, although a few designs have eliminated the rim, leaving just a flat sheet.  The materials have changed and non-stick has become standard for many baking sheets, but the sheet itself hasn’t changed much.

Baking Sheet With Cookies

However, a few years ago a new baking sheet design was released by Airbake called insulated baking.  This inventive style of baking sheet used air flow and air pockets in the design of the sheet to speed up baking times and to improve the heat distribution in the cookie sheet.

No More Cool And Hot Spots On A Baking Sheet

All baking sheets, whether they are aluminum or heavy steel, tend to suffer from the occasional hot spot or cool spot.  This would lead to a cookie or bar being a bit under done or over done, even though the rest of the food on the sheet was perfectly done.  You couldn’t really do anything about these spots, they resulted from material flaws that you couldn’t see.  Still, these flaws could mess up a lot of cookies.

Bottom Of Airbake Natural Cookie Sheet

What Airbake did was to take an aluminum baking sheet of traditional dimensions, 16″ x 14″, and insulate it and add some unique air domes to the back of the sheet.  These air domes would trap hot air in the insulation and make sure that they entire surface of the baking sheet stayed at the same temperature.  Now, all of the cookies in that batch were done the same way in the same amount of baking time.  Not only that, the cookies were all browned nicely on the bottom and stayed moist.

A Different Kind Of Cookie Sheet

By insulating the cookie sheet and using air domes to maintain the proper temperature, Airbake created a new kind of baking sheet.  Not only could you count on even baking over the entire sheet, you could also bake faster, up to 10% faster.

These sheets do require a bit of special care.  You can’t put them in the dishwasher.  The detergent used in most dishwashers will scratch the surface and water can get force between the layers.  Water between the layers is also an issue when you wash the sheets in the sink.  Soaking the sheets can allow water to seep in between the layers.  If there is water in the layers, it can turn to steam the next time you bake, messing up what ever you are baking.

Despite needing a bit more care, these are excellent cookie sheets.  The consistency that you will get from them when you are baking cookies will make them an excellent purchase.

Airbake Cookie Sheets

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