A Little Bit Of Cookie Sheet Info

Choosing A Good Cookie Sheet

A cookie sheet, baking sheet or baking tray is a flat, square metal tray used in the oven to cook cookies, cakes and other flat products like pizzas, sheet cakes, Swiss Rolls and pizzas. It is usually made of cast iron or aluminum, but can be crafted from other types of metal. It is the underside of the baked goods, hence the name. They are mostly round, square or rectangular in shape. The baked goods are placed on top of the cookie sheet and they are cooked on one side only, while the other side is left uncooked.

Cookies On A Baking Sheet

When using cookie sheets for baking cookies, the most important thing is to use them uniformly. This is because hot kitchen items can scorch one side of the pan so that the other side remains cold. Baking should be done on all sides equally; any one side that remains overheated will cook faster than the other side. If baking is to be done evenly, use half pans instead of the full pans.

Aluminum Cookies Sheets

The best material to use for baking sheets is aluminum. Aluminum is extremely durable and it heats up quickly. This makes it easier to bake cookies evenly without risking burning. Most cookie sheets come with aluminum inserts so that the pans fit each other well and are easy to clean after use.

Many bakers like to use non-stick cookie sheets, sometimes called Teflon sheets.  Teflon is actually a brand name, they were one of the first companies to come out with non-stick surface cooking and baking tools.  Non-stick sheets have the obvious benefit of cookies coming right off after baking.  You never need to grease a sheet, or use parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.  There are bakers who don’t like non-stick pans, however.  They feel they are too light weight and don’t hold heat as well.  Your choice will come down to your personal preference.

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